Once you’re registered, CareerScribe takes you directly into your personalized profile where you can immediately start writing your own story, and upload the information and documents that make up your professional profile.


With a couple of clicks - all of the best evidence and representation of you, and your capabilities, can be securely viewed by anyone you choose. They don’t even need an official account on CareerScribe, to see your best side.


Once you’ve registered, be sure to take your time in getting your profile complete. There’s no need to rush, as the system will always be here (assuming you keep it going). Please don’t worry if you can’t get everything input at one time. In fact, we suggest that you take your time, and do it right. After all, this is the impression that you will make to others about who you are. And you never get a second chance, to make a great first impression. Take your time.

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For individuals, we help you organize, develop, market, brand and manage your career. For companies, we make your talent search much easier and efficient. Virtually eliminating first interviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m on LinkedIn… Why do I need CareerScribe?

If you’re not on LinkedIn… get on it first! You’re already behind. If you’re now thinking like a Marketer, the answer to that question becomes obvious. To stay competitive in an every growing employment market, you should be evaluating all the new and innovative ways to get noticed. The answer is not one or the other… it’s both!

How much time does this take?

In 15-20 minutes you can have a useful tool to demonstrate that you are progressive and innovative. This is about marketing to get noticed! The longer your career, the longer it will take to fully build out a deep profile if that’s your goal. A personal brand will evolve and change over a long career. Your CareerScribe profile is a professional living story.

Do I need to upload an Introduction Video?

There’s nothing on CareerScribe you have to do. We’re promoting a tool that allows you simple options to differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace. Video just happens to be one of THE BEST ways to get noticed over your competition. Like it or not… employers and recruiters would like to meet you before spending even an hour, but they’re not likely going to tell you that. The honest ones will! Script, Practice and Create your absolute BEST 10-15 second first impression.

Can I share my profile with others?

It’s as simple as sharing a link to your profile, or placing the unique address for your profile – URL, wherever you’d like to direct someone to your professional digital story… resume, business card, email signature block, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. They don’t even need an official account on CareerScribe to view it. Don’t want to share everything… then control what’s shared in your Privacy Settings.

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Story behind the app

Virtually everything that can be sold, shared or presented has swiftly gone digital: music, books, newspapers, want ads, job boards, advertising, etc. The fact is… every economic activity is being transformed in this Digital Age, and this includes the world of employment.

In 2008, CareerScribe was born and the timing was perfect! We envisioned the power of a cloud based career solution in the age of a mobile workforce. Created to address the gaps, deficiencies, and inefficiencies - which exist between resumes, jobs, social networking and the ability for the individual to effectively promote themselves in this free agency employment market.

Over time, others have been recruited who also understand this gap. Now with users and key strategic partnerships, CareerScribe is uniquely positioned for continued success.

Jeff Bockelman

CEO and Founder

What do people think?

CareerScribe is helping Kelley graduates learn the skills they need to successfully manage their careers on their own terms… It is one of the most comprehensive career planning tools we have come across.

Phil Powell Faculty Chair, Online Graduate Programs Indiana University Kelley School of Business

It was so easy to get started, and then maintain a profile on CareerScribe. Everyone asks me about it when they see it, which is the whole point!

Randy Riemersma Executive VP of Sales IRM, LLC

I found CareerScribe to be a helpful and easy to use personal branding tool. It helps build a strong portfolio by highlighting one's skills and achievements. I found the Job Preferences and Work Style sections specifically useful, since it helps both individuals and companies find the right fit.

Megha Natarajan Student Indiana University

I found CareerScribe very easy to use, and think it could make a real difference with landing the job I want. More importantly, I feel like I’m developing much healthier habits with my personal brand.

Geoff Schoeneck Student Butler University

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